Yes, I want to empower, include and embrace individuals with developmental disabilities. image

Yes, I want to empower, include and embrace individuals with developmental disabilities.

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​Your donation provides personalized 1:1 support to more than 400 individuals each year.​

Meet Grant. Grant, an adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder, began working with Jay Nolan Community Services over 30 years ago – first in a group home setting and then living independently through Support Living Services. As one would expect, over the course of 30 years, Grant has had many ups and downs which is why JNCS believes it is so important for individuals to have a “Circle of Support” to share good times and navigate tough times. It was actually members of Grant’s Circle that brought Grant’s health issues to the attention of his doctors, resulting in an early cancer diagnosis that saved his life.

Throughout this challenging journey of surgery, chemo treatments and extended hospital stays, Grant had people supporting him, motivating him, and making sure he never felt alone, including JP, his lead support staff. JP and Grant have a true bond and lasting friendship that brings joy to both of their lives. For over eight years now, Grant has been hiking around Santa Clarita with JP regularly, finding peace and beauty in nature with great appreciation for the fact that Grant is now cancer free!

This story of life and love is typical at Jay Nolan Community Services. We are committed to building relationships with and around the people we serve and treating all people with dignity and respect. Your commitment to our mission enables individuals to receive support for as long as needed.

At Jay Nolan, not only do we believe in autonomy, but giving people the same basic rights as everybody else,” says JP.

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